Does your mother know? What does your family think? Has your being in porn effected dating? These top the most commonly asked questions of those in the adult industry. Coming Out Like a Porn Star presents over 50 first-hand accounts, ranging from funny to fucked up, as well as practical tips and personal anecdotes. While some denounce pornography as immoral and others praise its sex-positive liberation, the ways performers “come out” about doing porn — or the great lengths we take to avoid it — is an honest, nuanced depiction of how society views those at the public frontline of sexuality.

Edited by Jiz Lee, Foreword by Dr. Mireille Miller-Young.

Introduction by Jiz Lee and Essays by: AliceinBondageLand, Anna Cherry, Annie Sprinkle, Andre Shakti, Bella Vendetta, Betty Blac, Candida Royalle, Casey Calvert, Chelsea Poe, Chris Lowrance, Christopher Zeischegg, Cindy Gallop, Cinnamon Maxxine, Colin Rowntree, Conner Habib, Courtney Trouble, Cyd Nova, Dale Cooper, Denali Winter, Drew DeVeaux, D.R., Edward Lapple, Emma Claire, Erika Lust, Gala Vanting, Harley Hex, Hayley Fingersmith, Ignacio Rivera AKA Papí Coxxx, Jack Hammer XL, Jackie Strano, Jaffe Ryder, James Darling, Jesse Jackman, Joanna Angel, Kitty Stryker, Lily Cade, Loree Erickson, Lorelei Lee, Lyric Seal, Madison Young, Milcah Halili Orbacedo, Ms Naughty, Nina Hartley, Nikki Silver, Orianna Small AKA Ashley Blue, Phoenix Askani, Shar Rednour, Stoya, Tina Horn, Tobi Hill-Meyer, Verta, Zahra Stardust, and Zak Sabbath.

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Cover design by Jamee Baiser.

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